"Autobiography: Morrissey": Two Reviews

March 6, 2014   •   By Kevin Nolan, Simon Lee

Bigmouth StrikesSimon Lee on Autobiography: Morrissey, by Steven Patrick Morrissey

“Much of Morrissey’s identity — and indeed, his career — has been structured upon the cultivation and maintenance of an enigmatic persona. He has notoriously evaded probing questions and has gone to lengths to avoid exposing too much of his private life to retain the element of mystery that cloaks him. Given this, there is an existential hazard involved with the release of an autobiographical ‘tell all’…” [READ MORE]

The Long Flirtation: Kevin Nolan on both the UK and US editions of Autobiography: Morrissey, by Steven Patrick Morrissey

“On the covers of the US and UK editions there are similar photos of an ostensibly content, almost beatific Morrissey, eyes shut and head tilted ever so slightly to the side. The UK version adheres to the Penguin Classics format, and in both editions there are no chapters, nor is there an index; Morrissey has eliminated in print the instrument to skim effectively in search of gossip or other specific subjects. It’s almost as if he wants you to read the book the Morrissey way, the way in which he wrote it, and in no other manner whatsoever.” [READ MORE]