Around the World: Jeremy Scahill’s “Dirty Wars,” Latin America’s Alfredo Jaar, and Istanbul’s Museum of Innocence

December 8, 2013   •   By Tom Gallagher, Caille Millner, Elena Shtromberg, Kaya Genç

In this month's edition of "Around the World," Tom Gallagher examines Jeremy Scahill's book and just-released documentary film Dirty Wars: a revelatory investigation into America's covert unit JSOC, national security policy under President Obama, and secret American raids taking place in countries all over the world often leading to civilian casualties. In addition: two feature articles on one of the great Latin American contemporary artists today, Alfredo Jaar, whose work delves into the mechanisms of how we relate to the world; and Kay Genc reports on Orhan Pamuk's Museum of Innocence in his latest dispatch from Istanbul.



Dirty Wars: The World is a Battlefield




Tom Gallagher responds to Jeremy Scahill's groundbreaking investigation into JSOC and the ramifications of a global "War on Terror" spinning out of control.












Elena Shtromberg examines how one of Latin America's great contemporary artists, Alfredo Jaar, nudges us into a more heightened perception about the world. 















Caille Millner recalls Alfredo Jaar's Studies on Happiness project. 














A little more than 500 days has passed since Orhan Pamuk opened the doors of the Museum of Innocence in Istanbul. Kaya Genc takes us there.