Around the World: Pakistan, Argentina, Brazil, Israel and More

November 24, 2013   •   By Federico Cattaneo, Paulo Henriques Britto, Candice Hoyes, Shehryar Fazli, Ben Ehrenreich

In this month's edition of "Around the World," we focus on art and poetry trends in South America; look at the political and cultural realities of life in the Swat Valley of Pakistan through the eyes of Malala Yusufzai; and revisit Wynton Marsalis's Abyssinian Mass with soprano Candice Hoyes and conductor Damien Sneed. Also, Ben Ehrenreich delivers the latest in his ongoing dispatches from the Middle East: a profile of Razi Nabulsi, a Palestinian activist studying philosophy and politics in Israel.



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Shehryar Fazli examines the history and the realities of Pakistan's Swat Valley through the eyes of Malala Yusufzai.





Damien Sneed


Everyone Has a Place Part II: Soprano Candice Hoyes interviews Damien Sneed, conductor of Wynton Marsalis' Abyssinian Mass. 







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Artist Profile: Argentinian painter Federico Cattaneo's chords and tangents. 










Brazil's Paulo Henriques Britto delivers a sweeping survey of Brazilian poetry today. 









In his latest dispatch from the Middle East, Ben Ehrenreich profiles a Palestinian activist studying philosophy and politics in Israel — Razi Nabulsi — and investigates the heavy hand of Israeli security forces in his case.