Around the World: Launch Edition

October 27, 2013   •   By Andrew McGregor, Aliaa El Sandouby, Marco Musillo, Candice Hoyes, Tomas Hachard, Lea Aschkenas

This week, the Los Angeles Review of Books launches a new section. "Around the World" will explore and profile thinkers, writers, artists and activists in countries all over the world, whose work transcends national borders and boundaries, whether it be in painting, music, poetry or fiction, journalism, public service or advocacy in the public interest. Media in the United States, especially as the progressive defunding of overseas bureaus has led to less coverage of the world around us, have become more, rather than less provincial. We hope to do our little bit to reverse that trend.

Every article, interview and essay in this section is intended to create a point of correspondence between LARB readers here and worldwide, with an emphasis on the multilingualism that so often drives vanguard achievements in culture, politics and the literary arts. As the writers solicited to publish for this section often hail from countries and communities outside of the United States, we will publish bilingual editions of their articles whenever possible.



Mass 22




Everyone Has a Place: Soprano Candice Hoyes interviews Wynton Marsalis on the Abyssinian Mass, gospel music and its significance worldwide. 











Aliaa El Sandouby documents her experience attending the massive protests that led to the ouster of Mohammed Morsy in Egypt. 










Marco Musillo delivers a photoessay of his visit to the international art exhibition La Biennale di Venezia.












Lea Aschkenas interviews Lucy Mulloy about her debut feature film Una Noche, the story of three teenagers migrating from Cuba to the United States via a makeshift raft.








Tomas Hachard reviews the work of Argentinian novelist César Aira.











Andrew McGregor interviews Qabaata Boru on keeping the news alive from outside Ethiopia.