The Los Angeles Review of Books is a nonprofit literary and cultural arts organization that combines the great tradition of the book review with the evolving technologies of the web. We are a community of writers, critics, journalists, artists, filmmakers, and scholars dedicated to promoting and disseminating the best that is thought and written, with an enduring commitment to the intellectual rigor, the incisiveness, and the power of the written word.

The Los Angeles Review of Books magazine was created in part as a response to the disappearance of the traditional newspaper book review supplement, and, with it, the art of fun, intelligent long-form writing on everything from fiction to politics, architecture to young adult fiction, academic monographs to genre fiction. In our swiftly changing world of books and publishing, the Los Angeles Review of Books stands for curated, edited, expert opinion written by the best writers and thinkers of our time. We seek to revive, and reinvent, the book review for a new generation.

LARB publishes every day online and quarterly in print (learn about our signature print edition, the LARB Quarterly Journal). We also publish a collection of wholly independent sister magazines, the LARB Channels, covering genres as diverse as sports and philosophy to plant thinking and experimental literature.

Our civic arts programs are designed to advance the next generation of editors and publishers, including the LARB / USC Publishing Workshop, an immersive, collaborative publishing program designed for students and innovators interested in playing a role in the future of publishing. Internships are available for college credit year-round.

LARB is a center for events and public arts programs that connect writers and artists to everyday readers both locally and nationwide. Tom’s Book Club, a level of our membership program, meets on a quarterly basis and includes live readings with selected authors; the LARB Luminary Dinner series features writers in conversation with readers in homes around Los Angeles.

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