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Our Current Book Club

Threads from the Refugee Crisis by Kate Evans

“Gripping and beautiful … Comics journalism at its finest.” —Alison Bechdel

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Our current book club featuring Kate Evan’s Threads: From the Refugee Crisis will take place on September 17, Kate will join the conversation on Facebook on September 19, and she will talk with Tom and our Comics Editor Andy Hoberek about the book in a taped interview that will be available the following week. Make sure you post questions on the Facebook Page or send us an email at We’ll make sure all your questions are answered!


In the French port town of Calais, the historic home of the lace industry, a city within a city has arisen. This new town, known as the Jungle, is the home of thousands of refugees, mainly from the Middle East and Africa, all hoping, somehow, to get to the UK. Into this squalid shantytown of shipping containers and tents, full of rats and trash and devoid of toilets and safety, the artist Kate Evans brought a sketchbook and an open mind. Combining the techniques of eyewitness reportage with the medium of comic-book storytelling, Evans has produced this unforgettable book, filled with poignant images—by turns shocking, angering, wry, and heartbreaking.

Weaving into the story hostile comments about the migrants from nativist politicians and Internet trolls, Threads addresses one of the most pressing issues of modern times—making a compelling case, through intimate evidence, for compassionate treatment of refugees and the free movement of peoples. Evans’s creativity and passion as an artist, activist, and mother shine through.


KATE EVANS is a radical cartoonist, artist, author and activist. She is the author of numerous books, and zines including Red Rosa: A Graphic Biography of Rosa Luxemburg, Bump: How to Make, Grow and Birth a Baby, and Funny Weather: Everything You Didn’t Want to Know about Climate Change but Probably Should Find Out. She was awarded the John C. Laurence Award in 2016.