[VIDEO] All Novelists Wanted to be Rock Stars
T.C. Boyle
12.02.1948 - Present
"The stewardess swished by with a smell of perfume that hit me like a twenty-one gun salute."

Tom Lutz interviews T.C. Boyle

[VIDEO] All Novelists Wanted to be Rock Stars

April 23rd, 2014 reset - +

This interview is part of an ongoing LARB A.V. series from this year's LA Times Festival of Books. Go to the LARB A.V. homepage to see more interviews with Daniel HandlerMona Simpson and Leslie Jamison, and keep checking in for upcoming interviews with Walter Kirn, Michelle Huneven, and many, many more.

"ALL NOVELISTS IN THIS COUNTRY, whether they admit it or not, wanted to be rock stars...I love to turn an audience on," says T.C. Boyle, one of the true rock stars of the literary world. Donning a black leather jacket, Ray Bans and his signature red Converse shoes, Boyle dishes out on everything from burritos to scud missiles in this extended interview with LARB's editor-in-chief Tom Lutz. Enjoy.