Best of Poetry

LARB’s Best: Poetry

The LARB Poetry section is a place for celebration, compassion, and close reading (as well as, apparently, alliteration!). Selecting 10 pieces to highlight was a difficult task, not unlike choosing what to accept from the pitches I receive daily. As the section’s editor, I aim to bring readers of all forms of poetry closer to the experience of reading a poem and to the poets themselves. The pieces below reflect the range and diversity of the contributors and authors we publish, as well as the kinds of criticism and literary engagement we encourage. In the titles I’ve selected, I am not surprised to find the language of loss (discomfort, underworld, trouble, end, finale) but also the language of regeneration (surviving, love, the present, where we start, gardener). I hope you will feel revitalized as you read these pieces and celebrate LARB’s 10-year anniversary!

— Callie Siskel, Poetry Editor



This digest is part of our year-round celebration of our 10th anniversary. To celebrate with us, please visit our anniversary page!