This special issue of the LARB Quarterly Journal is dedicated to some of the best pieces that have appeared in our Legal Affairs section throughout the years. Helmed by Don Franzen, the section has published some of the most prominent contemporary thinkers and practitioners of law in the United States, hosting discussions of the many difficult legal questions we face nationally and globally. You will see here critical and personal considerations around human rights, incarceration, and free speech, as well as a thorough look at the issues facing the Constitution, ranging from the language on the page to the prison we still maintain in Cuba.


ESSAYS: Erwin Chemerinsky, Akhil Reed Amar, Gil Garcetti, Priyanka Kumar, Laura W. Brill, Jonathan Shapiro, Stephen Rohde, Ameena Mirza Qazi, Anne Richardson, Lamya H, and Molly McCloskey.

POETRY: William Archila, Juan Felipe Herrera, Fady Joudah, Susannah Nevison,  Natalie Shapero, and Mai Der Vang.

FEATURING ORIGINAL ARTWORKS BY: Seth Alverson, Miriam Cahn, Gil Garcetti, Karl Haendel, Sanaz Khosravi, Becky Kolsrud, Anne Libby, Daniel Joseph Martinez, Ragen Moss.