These carefully selected articles, poems, interviews and essays — all written exclusively for this publication — appeal to readers with wide-ranging interests and a love for the literary.

The new issue of the LARB Quarterly Journal includes:

  • Feature essays by Victoria Dailey, Colin Dickey, Laila Lalami, Dinah Lenney, Geoff Nicholson, George Prochnik, Annalisa Quinn, John Rechy, M.P. Ritger, Bruce Robbins, and Michael Wood.
  • An interview with Juan Felipe Herrera by Daniel Olivas.
  • Original poetry by Lauren K. Alleyne, Sarah Blake, and Michael Robbins.
  • Short takes by Francesca Lia Block, Leo Braudy, Fady Joudah, Jack Pendarvis, and Susan Straight.
  • Including an Artist Portfolio and profile of James Welling.