The summer issue emphasizes an exciting selection of new poetry from emerging poets. In addition, we include new work from fiction writer and critic Frederic Tuten, longtime science journalist Greg Crister, novelist Mary Kay Zuravleff, and award-winning memoirist Louise Steinman, among many others.

The new issue of the LARB Quarterly Journal includes:

  • Feature essays by Steven Bellatto, Greg Critser, Deb Durham, Brían Hanrahan, Liska Jacobs, Ashley Rindsberg, Lynne Sharon Schwartz, Louise Steinman, Gavin Tomson, Frederic Tuten, Alissa Wilkinson, and Mary Kay Zuravleff.
  • Original poetry by Elizabeth Arnold, Hafizah Geter, Ishion Hutchinson, Robin Coste Lewis, Max Ritvo, Bianca Stone, and Jean Valentine.
  • Short takes by Barrie Jean Borich, Greg Glazner, Rolf Potts, and John Stintzi.
  • Including an Artist Portfolio and profile of Clarissa Tossin.