Nicholson Baker

Nicholson Baker is the author of nine novels and four works of nonfiction, including Double Fold (Vintage, 2002)which won a National Book Critics Circle Award, and House of Holes (Simon & Schuster, 2011), a New York Times Notable Book of the Year. His other novels include: The Mezzanine (Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 1988), Room Temperature (Grove Press, 1990), U and I: A True Story (Random House, 1991), Vox (Vintage, 1993), The Fermata (Vintage, 1995), The Everlasting Story of Nory (Vintage, 1998), A Box of Matches (Vintage, 2003), Checkpoint (Vintage, 2004), Human Smoke: The Beginnings of World War II, the End of Civilization (Simon & Schuster, 2008), The Anthologist ((Simon & Schuster, 2009), and Traveling Sprinkler (2013). His work has appeared in The New YorkerHarper’s, and The New York Review of Books. He received the International Hermann Hesse Prize (Germany) in 2014. Nicholson Baker lives in Maine with his family. (Photo: © Margaret Brentano)