Kathleen B. Jones

Kathleen B. Jones’s 30-year career as an internationally recognized and award-winning scholar of feminism and the women’s movement in America includes publication of several academic books and numerous essays, among them Compassionate Authority: Democracy and the Representation of Women (Routledge), Women Transforming Politics (New York University Press), and The Political Interests of Gender Revisited (Manchester University Press). She was a founding editor of the International Feminist Journal of Politics. In 2000, she published a memoir about the murder of a feminist student, Living Between Danger and Love (Rutgers University Press). Since then, her short fiction and essays have appeared in Fiction International and Briar Cliff Review. She wrote for and hosted the award-winning Profiles, a City of San Diego Cable TV series on local authors, and currently teaches creative nonfiction writing workshops at university and community venues. She lives for the time being in the UK.


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