Jeff Dietrich

Jeff Dietrich is the author of Broken and Shared, a collection of essays chronicling the past forty years he spent living in solidarity with the poor at the Los Angeles Catholic Worker on Skid Row. The book exposes the hardships and injustices suffered by many people, the passivity of the city of Los Angeles and the constantly changing landscape of downtown. Homeless Crusader.

"Though we cannot know all of the unforeseeable consequences of the information superhighway, we can certainly recognize the secondary effects of our current highway system: air pollution; traffic fatalities that every five years exceed the number of Americans killed in World War II; war, intrigue, and death to secure oil in the Middle East; endless suburban sprawl, and more acres of asphalt than farm land. Here in Los Angeles anyone without an automobile is de facto a second-class citizen without access to the better paying jobs and decent housing that have migrated down the freeways to the suburbs. The same will also be true of everyone who finds himself stuck on the on-ramp of the information superhighway. It's a dead-end street for the poor."

— Jeff Dietrich, Broken and Shared