Ian Balfour

Ian Balfour taught English and Social & Political Thought at York University. He’s the author of books The Rhetoric of Romantic Prophecy and Northrop Frye. He co-edited with Atom Egoyan, Subtitles: On the Foreignness of Film, and has edited collections of essays on human rights, Derrida, and Walter Benjamin. Recent essays address Hölderlin’s theory of tragedy, adaptations of Jane Austen’s Emma, James Baldwin’s film criticism, and Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. In 2014, he co-curated an exhibition at Tate Britain on William Hazlitt. He’s taught at several universities as a visitor, such as the Goethe University in Frankfurt, Rice, Cornell, and SUNY Buffalo. He is polishing off a book called The Moment of the Sublime and co-writing one, with Alexander Nagel, on titles.