David Ehrenstein

David Ehrenstein is a critic who focuses on film and LGBTQ issues. He started writing for Film Culture in 1965, his first piece an interview with Andy Warhol, and continued through 1983. During the 1960s he also wrote for December and the Village Voice. In 1976 he moved to Los Angeles and worked as a film critic and entertainment journalist for the Los Angeles Herald-Examiner, Film Comment, Film Quarterly, San Francisco Examiner, Rolling Stone, Cahiers du Cinéma, Arts, Los Angeles Reader, Enclitic, Wide Angle, Daily Variety, Sight and Sound and The Advocate. He also wrote Film: The Front Line - 1984, a survey of experimental and independent film work, Open Secret: Gay Hollywood, and The Scorsese Picture: The Art and Life of Martin Scorsese. His most recent book, Masters of Cinema: Roman Polanski has just been published by Cahiers du Cinema/ Phaidon. He blogs at fablog.ehrensteinland.com