Christine Landfried

Christine Landfried is a Professor emerita of Political Science at the University of Hamburg. Visiting professorships have led her to Sciences Po in Paris, the University of California at Berkeley and the Yale Law School. From 2014 to 2016 she held the Max Weber Chair at New York University. Her research focuses on the political role of constitutional courts, European integration and the role of art in democratic societies. In her studies of the EU she analyzes the conditions under which cultural, economic and political difference can be a potential for democratic governance. Landfried is a 2022 Fellow at the Thomas Mann House Los Angeles. 


  • The Democratic Potential of Citizens’ Assemblies

    The Democratic Potential of Citizens’ Assemblies

    You perceive, ladies and gentlemen, that I wish to give the word ‘democracy’ a very broad meaning, a much broader one than the merely political sense of this word would suggest; for I am connecting it with […] the inalienable dignity of ...