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Wayne Koestenbaum's Whirlwind of Wit & Wisdom

By LARB Radio HourMay 16, 2020

Wayne Koestenbaum's Whirlwind of Wit & Wisdom
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One surefire way to lift yourself out of the shelter-in-place doldrums is to engage with someone whose enthusiasm for life and literature is more infectious than any coronavirus. Wayne Koestenbaum joins Kate, Eric, and Daya to discuss his new collection of essays Figure it Out; what ensues is a conversation with exuberant inspirations at every turn. Share this one with your friends, it will renew their faith in living the literary life.
Also, Cathy Park Hong, author of Minor Feelings, returns to recommend two foreboding works of recent literature (as if to counterbalance Wayne's optimism): C Pam Zhang's novel How Much of These Hills is Gold; and Joyelle McSweeney's new book of poetry Toxicon and Ariadne.

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The LARB Radio Hour is hosted by Eric Newman, Medaya Ocher, and Kate Wolf.


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