The Roots of California's Modernist Utopia: Tuberculosis and Teutonic Nudism

August 9, 2019

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“There’s so much there, and it’s so fascinating,” observes co-host Kate Wolf after Lyra Kilston opens this week’s podcast with a summary of her new book Sun Seekers: The Cure of California. Kate might as well be talking about the entire history, brief yet spectacular, of Southern California. This week’s show unveils another of the spectacular paradoxes that defines the rise of the Golden State Paradise/Dystopia the relationship between California Modernism and European Sanatorium culture. If you’ve ever marveled at the modern architectural jewels that dot the L.A. landscape and fantasized about a refined European expat community that built them, prepare to have your dreams recast (in the best SoCal tradition). Lyra spins fascinating tales that will challenge your understanding of L.A. history, in dialogue with Kate and Eric Newman.

Also, Hanif Abdurraqib returns to recommend Harmony Holiday‘s new book of poetry, A Jazz Funeral for Uncle Tom.