LARB Radio Hour: John Wray's Improbable Leap of Faith

December 21, 2018

Author John Wray joins co-hosts Medaya Ocher and Kate Wolf to read from and discuss his critically-lauded new novel, Godsend, which has found its way onto many best of 2018 lists. Godsend tells the story of Aden, a young woman from Santa Rosa who travels to the Pakistan/Afghanistan border region shortly before 9/11, converts to Islam, disguises herself as a man, and joins the Taliban as a fighter. John Wray tells us the almost-equally-amazing backstory to the novel, which stems from his time in Afghanistan as a reporter for Esquire, and his motivations for immersing himself so completely in Aden's world.

Also, author and podcast host Karina Longworth returns to recommend Anjelica Huston's second memoir, Watch Me.