Gary Indiana’s “Do Everything in the Dark”

Kate Wolf is joined by author Gary Indiana to speak about the recent reissue of his 2003 novel, “Do Everything in the Dark.”

By LARB Radio HourMay 26, 2023

    Gary Indiana’s “Do Everything in the Dark”
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    Kate Wolf is joined by author, critic, and artist Gary Indiana to speak about the recent reissue of his 2003 novel, Do Everything in the Dark. Told on the heels of the aftershock of AIDS and the coming catastrophe of 9/11, alongside an ever-increasing globalization, Do Everything in the Dark centers on a group of friends, who, as Indiana writes in a new introduction, are “experiencing crises in their personal or professional lives, having committed themselves to relationships and careers that, however bright and promising for years, were suddenly not working out.” The characters are artists, actors, filmmakers, and writers like the auto-fictive narrator of the novel, Gary Indiana. In New York City, over the summer of 2001, the narrator becomes both axis point and witness to the various breakdowns his friends undergo: he receives their missives from far-flung locations across the world, their late night phone calls, and follows their private moments from an omniscient point of view. Through it all, he questions his ability to help them or change the course of their lives—if life at this late point in history is even livable— while offering his friendship all the same.

    Also, Tom Comitta, author of The Nature Book, returns to recommend the complete oeuvre of Percival Everett.

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