Claire Messud’s “This Strange Eventful History”

Claire Messud joins Medaya Ocher and Kate Wolf to discuss her latest novel, “This Strange Eventful History.”

By LARB Radio HourJune 14, 2024

    Claire Messud’s “This Strange Eventful History”
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    Medaya Ocher and Kate Wolf are joined by celebrated writer Claire Messud, the author of six works of fiction including the highly-acclaimed bestseller, The Emperors Children. Messud’s latest novel is This Strange Eventful History, which follows the Cassars, a Pied-Noir family from Algeria, who find themselves constantly displaced by the changing tides of history, first by World War II and then by Algerian independence. Partly based on her own family’s story, the book traces the story of each family member, across three generations, as they encounter the world as well as their own personal joys and tragedies. The novel is, of course, about history, both personal and global, as well as the ways people build homes outside of their homelands.

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