Ross Andersen

Ross Andersen is a writer based out of Washington, D.C and the Science Editor of the Los Angeles Review of Books. He is a regular contributor to the technology channel at The Atlantic. You can find him on Twitter at @andersen.

"Yet, for all this tribute, the human eye remains a limited technology, seeing only the rainbow of visible light, a thin slice of the electromagnetic spectrum. And, even in this realm, it falls short of other mammals, for whom nightfall is no curfew — to have squinted into the dark and seen the glimmer of raccoon eyes is to have felt the chill of this truth. Human vision fails to encompass the horse’s panoramic field of view or the brilliant ultraviolet shades seen by birds of prey. Even the insect, lower still on the totem pole of consciousness, absorbs a gushing, flood-like cinema — some 250 frames per second."

- from "Golden Eye", Los Angeles Review of Books