Roger Luckhurst

Roger Luckhurst is Professor of Modern and Contemporary Literature at Birkbeck College, University of London. He is currently working on three books: The Mummy’s Curse: A New Cultural History; a book of essays entitled SFnal: Science Fiction in the Expanded Field; and (with Justin Sausman) Marginal Sciences, an anthology of Victorian supernatural materials.

"This is not to deny that the 1950s B-movie boom has proved a productive site for innumerable depth readings, in the sense that they are obviously 'about' the Cold War, or nuclear anxiety, or imperialism, or depersonalization, or post-war gender realignments, often in overdtermined ways. What such readings tend to ignore, however, are the very surfaces of the texts which are largely dismissed in order to focus on their latency."

– Roger Luckhurst, The Angle Between Two Walls