Peggy Kamuf

Peggy Kamuf lives in Los Angeles and teaches French and comparative literature at the University of Southern California where she is also director of the Comparative Studies in Literature and Culture Doctoral Program. She is the author of To Follow: The Wake of Jacques Derrida, and translator, most recently, of Derrida’s The Death Penalty: Vol. I).


“In an age that promotes the value of interdisciplinarity, it is quite remarkable how rigid the exclusions have become between all these discourses that profess to be engaged with the same thing, which they all call reading.  It ought to be easy to make the case that the study of reading, whatever we call reading, calls for radically interdisciplinary approaches.  Which is why, especially given the recent fondness for all things interdisciplinary, it is more than a little surprising that these extraordinary conditions gathering so many far-flung discourses around a same object have yet to produce much that goes beyond common disciplinary assumptions, which are thus allowed to reproduce themselves unexamined.”

– Peggy Kamuf, “The End of Reading”