by Elena Song

Paul Mandelbaum

Paul Mandelbaum teaches the literature of Los Angeles at Emerson College’s L.A. Center. His books include the novels Garrett in Wedlock and Adriane on the Edge and the anthology 12 Short Stories and Their Making.


Visualize seduction. And self-confidence. Gravitas, too, but especially seduction. So many people in Los Angeles seem to get what they want. Is this how they start? By assuming it’s already theirs …?


Picture your own allure and drive toward it. Hey, that’s not bad: toward the idea of your own irresistible allure you’re now driving, albeit around and around the same block. Don’t be scared. What’s the worst that can happen? Claudia says no — again. But this time you’re bringing something special to the table. Something guaranteed to set you apart.


— Paul Mandelbaum, Trouble