Mike Edison

Mike Edison is a writer, editor and musician. He was the publisher of High Times magazine and the editor-in-chief of Screw. He has written several memoirs about his various careers.


"When I wrote the book, I turned down some big commercial houses to work with a publisher known for the quality of its writers. I was tired of being known as 'the guy from High Times' -- somehow once you work there you are stuck wearing a smelly hemp halo for life. I had a bong-shaped albatross around my neck, something I was eager to shake. And I thought, finally, I had -- my book came out and suddenly literary magazines were fawning over my prose. Alternative weeklies lauded me. The sexy research assistant at my local branch of the New York Public Library even laughed at my joke about teaching me the Dewar’s Decimal System. Things were looking up."

- Mike Edison