Michael Dirda

Michael Dirda is a Pulitzer Prize–winning book critic for The Washington Post.


During these past three decades the Post has kindly allowed me to write about nearly any sort of book that caught my fancy, and my fancy can be quite promiscuous — ancient classics one week, science fiction and fantasy the next. Despite all these hours of turning pages, I don’t view myself as a bookworm, one of those bald-pated Daumier scarecrows peering through bottle-top spectacles at some tattered, leather-bound volume. There’s more to life than reading. I’ve also fallen in love and married, spent Saturdays ferrying noisy offspring to soccer games, mowed grass, folded laundry, and suffered my share of what Shakespeare called “the thousand natural shocks that flesh is heir to.”


— Michael Dirda, Book by Book: Notes on Reading and Life