Matthew Zapruder

Matthew Zapruder is an American poet, editor, translator, and professor. His second poetry collection, The Pajamaist, won the 2007 William Carlos Williams Award from the Poetry Society of America, and was chosen by Library Journal as one of the top ten poetry volumes of 2006. His first book, American Linden won the Tupelo Press Editors' Prize. Ghost whisperer.


People keep walking past
a hotel, its bright
glass calmly reflecting
everything bad and good. 
Blue Boots. Bright Glass. 
Guests in this moment. A child
through the puddles steps
exuberant, clearly feeling the power. 
I am plugged in. I am calm. 
Lamp Day has a name. 
Just like this cup
that has somehow drifted
into my life, and towards which
sometimes for its own reasons
my hand drifts in turn.
Upon it is written the single
word Omaha.

– “Lamp Day,” from Come on All You Ghosts