Mary Clearman Blew

Mary Clearman Blew’s most recent book is This Is Not the Ivy League: A Memoir. Her fiction collection, Runaway, won a Pacific Northwest Booksellers Award, as did her memoir All But the Waltz: Essays on a Montana Family. A novel, Jackalope Dreams, won the 2008 Western Heritage Award. She teaches creative writing at the University of Idaho and Pacific Lutheran University.

"Nearly seventy years later, I look back on that time and think how heartbreakingly young my mother and father were in 1944, with their two small daughters and their debt and their plans to deepened their roots on land where gnarled posts had been set and barbed wire strung on line fences by my great-grandfather and his sons, and where peonies and hollyhocks planted by my great-grandmother still bloomed every summer around the steps of the log ranch house where my father had been born."

— This is Not the Ivy League: A Memoir