Louis Auchincloss

An American novelist who used his privileged upbringing as the inspiration for his white collar characters. A member of the American Academy of Arts and Letters, Auchincloss is known for his accurate portrayals of what happens behind the closed doors of the boardroom. Traitorous Patrician. 

"He had returned from the war jobless and penniless, with a reputation for philandering that hardly endeared him to the business and banking world of men. He was delighted to go to work for his mother, and soon proved adept at the job beyond her most extreme hopes. He delighted prospective hostesses with his enthusiasm and imaginative ideas. If his underlying principle was that life was — or at least could be — a party, why should a lady not use her money, her talent, her very soul, to make it a good one?"

— East Side Story: A Novel