John Marsh

John Marsh is the author of Class Dismissed: Why We Cannot Teach or Learn Our Way Out of Inequality in which he debunks the myth that education can change the status quo and explains how the education system has been designed to reinforce social inequalities. Learning Curves.

"At which point, it hit me, as it had Victor Frankenstein, that I had created a monster. I started the class with the hope that it would give poor adults a chance to start or - for those who had dropped out - to return to a world of higher education. But I never believed that it would solve 'all these probles'. Our graduating class represented a fraction of a fraction of the poor in Champaign County, and it was not even clear that the education they received in the program would help them all that much. Few had actually thrived in the course, and even fewer had any concrete plans about what to do after the class finished."

— Class Dismissed