John Kinsella

John Kinsella is an Australian poet, critic, and editor. His books include The New Arcadia, Divine Comedy: Journeys Through Regional Geography, Activist Poetics, and Jam Tree Gully.


"It didn’t happen in that order —
the endless growl of what will turn out to be
miniature quad and trail bikes, carried along
the top of the valley and rumbling its contents:
small kids with helmets weighing more than their heads,
ragged on by parents with crossed arms and ambition
in their eyes: round and round the drone of fun.
A country pursuit. Tracy tells me a professor
of economics at a local city university
while praising capitalism says he will only
listen to opposition if it comes from one
who eats only lentils, has given up cars
and eschews imported brands of foodstuffs. Lentils?"
- from "Balloon" by John Kinsella