John Kessel

John Kessel is an author of many science fiction novels and short stories, and the editor (with James Patrick Kelly) of The Secret History of Science Fiction.

"Gen hoped August would make him pay extra for that. Forget the money — she hoped he'd rip Sloane's lungs out and leave him for dead. Instead August said, 'How much cash do you have on you?'

'About seven hundred francs —'

'Not currency, idiot. Eurodollars.' Genevieve had reported to August that Sloane typically carried access to more than a hundred thousand in electronic cash on him at all times. He'd sashayed into the 1790s Hyatt like he was going to buy the place, sporting a fashionable rotund physique of 2060s wealth, dropping hundred-dollar tips and expecting to find the Eiffel Tower."

– John Kessel, Corrupting Dr. Nice