by Natalia Wisdom

Jimmy McDonough

Jimmy McDonough is a journalist and biographer, best known for his incredibly detailed accounts. He has penned biographies of Neil Young, Tammy Wynette, Russ Meyer, and Andy Milligan.

"'Spud,' Ben's nickname, graced the door of Pocahontas, which was parked not far from Pearl. A huge, Belgian — made '70 Silver Eagle, forty feet long and sporting a souped — up mill, the bus had been Young's home on the road since 1976. Young had gone to outlandish lengths in customizing it. Down one side was an extravagant stained — glass comet circling the earth; the roof was domed with vintage Hudson Hornet/Studebaker Starlight Coupe cartops that acted as skylights. The interior of the bus — designed under Young's supervision to resemble the skeletal structure of a giant bird—was lavish with hand—carved wood, down to the door handle of the microwave. Above the big front windows hung a large brass eagle's eye. 'This bus is so fucked up and over the top,' Young would tell me with a grin. 'Which is just how I was back in the mid-seventies when I built it.'"

– Jimmy McDonough, Shakey