James Schuyler

James Schuyler was a novelist and poet whose book The Morning of the Poem won the Pulitzer Prize in 1980. A member of the New York School of Poets, Schuyler was close friends with Frank O'Hara and John Ashbery, with whom he shared a Manhattan apartment and frequently collaborated during the 1950s. His other major works include The Crystal Lithium, Freely Espousing, and the novels Alfred and Guinevere and What's For Dinner?

"Tomorrow is St. Valentine’s:
tomorrow I’ll think about
that. Always nervous, even
after a good sleep I’d like
to climb back into. The sun
fallen snow and yestereven
shines on yesterday’s new-
it turned the world to pink
and rose and steel-blue
buildings. Helene is restless:
leaving soon. And what then
will I do with myself? Some-
one is watching morning
TV. I’m not reduced to that
yet. I wish one could press
snowflakes in a book like flowers."

– “February 13, 1975″ from The Morning of the Poem