Hannah Nordhaus

Hannah Nordhaus is a journalist and writer of nonfiction. She is the author of the bestselling book The Beekeeper's Lament.

"John Miller is a migratory beekeeper, and so is Larry Krause. They travel the country with thousands of hives, chasing blooms and making honey. Miller and Krause have been friends for a very long time, as is often the case with beekeepers. They are a dying breed, figuratively speaking. There are fewer and fewer of them, and they tend to a breed — Apis mellifera, the European honey bee — that is literally dying. Yet they persist, against all logic and pecuniary sense, because beekeepers — who have, after all, chosen careers involving stinging insects — are not terribly rational people. They are loyal people, however."

– Hannah Nordhaus, The Beekeeper's Lament