George Schuyler

George Schuyler was a journalist and author of works of speculative fiction, including Black Empire and Black No More: A Novel. After World War II, Schuyler's views underwent a dramatic shift from socialist to staunchly conservative. He became a supporter of Senator Joseph McCarthy and offered a rare oppositional voice from within the African-American community against popular leaders such as Martin Luther King, Jr. and Malcolm X.

"He felt so thankful that he had survived the ordeal of that horrible machine so akin to the electric chair. A shudder passed over him at the memory of the hours he had passed in its grip, fed at intervals with revolting concoctions. But when they reached the elevator and he saw himself in the mirror, he was startled, overjoyed. White at last! Gone was the smooth brown complexion. Gone were the slightly full lips and Ethiopian nose. Gone was the nappy hair that he had straightened so meticulously ever since the kink-no-more lotions first wrenched Aframericans from the tyranny and torture of the comb. There would be no more expenditures for skin whiteners; no more discrimination; no more obstacles in his path. He was free! The world was his oyster and he had the open sesame of a pork-colored skin!"

– George Schuyler, Black No More