Day Keene

Day Keene, whose real name was Gunnar Hjerstedt, was one of the leading paperback mystery writers of the 1950s. Along with writing over 50 novels, he also wrote for radio, television, movies, and pulp magazines. Often his stories were set in South Florida or swamp towns in Louisiana, and included a man wrongly accused and on the run, determined to clear his name.

“The girl continued to study him. 'I make you now,' she said finally. 'You're the deputy who killed that old carnival man an' raped his wife on the floor of their trailer.' 'I didn't touch her,' Latour said. 'I wasn't even inside the trailer.' 'What's the matter with you? You one of them guys who has t' hurt a girl? You know, whip her or somethin', or her whip you?' Latour didn't bother to answer her.”

— Day Keene, from Bring Him Back Dead