Barry Malzberg

Barry Malzberg has been publishing SF short stories and novels since 1967. Important works include Beyond Apollo (1972), winner of the first John W.  Campbell Award; Herovit's World (1973); Guernica Night (1975); and Galaxies (1975). His collection of critical essays The Engines of the Night: Science  Fiction in the Eighties (1982) won a Locus Award.

"Science Fiction is the only branch of literature whose poorer examples are almost invariably used by critics outside the form to attack all of it. A lousy western is a lousy western, a seriously intentioned novel that falls apart is a disaster...but a science fiction novel that fails illuminates the inadequacy of the genre, the hollowness of the fantastic vision, the banality of the sci-fi writer...this phenomenon is as old as the American genre itself...and as fresh as the latest rotten book."

                                                                                     - Barry Malzberg,  The Engines of the Night