Alexandra Fuller

Alexandra Fuller is a British Zimbabwean whose work is influenced by her family and life in Africa as a neo-colonialist. Rhodesian Memoirs.

"Once, I discovered the skulls of two impala rams, their horns locked into an irreversible figure-of-eight; the two animals had been trapped in combat, latched to each other during the battle of the rut. The harder they had pulled to escape from each other, the more intractably stuck they were, until they had fallen exhausted, to their knees, in an embrace of hatred that had killed them both. When I picked up the skulls to add to my growing collection of what Vanessa called 'Bobo's smelly pile,' the hooked horns fell away from each other and the story of the impalas' death struggle was undone."

– Alexandra Fuller, Don't Let's Go to the Dogs Tonight