In Plain Sight

Initiated by artists Cassils and rafa esparza, In Plain Sight is a coalition of 80 artists united to create an artwork dedicated to the abolition of immigrant detention and the United States culture of incarceration.

Among the artists involved are the likes of Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse CullorsEmory Douglas, former Minister of Culture for the Black Panther Party; trans activist Zackary Drucker; Dread Scott; Beatriz Cortez; and many more.

 A highly orchestrated mediagenic spectacle and poetic action, this project is conceived in five parts — a poetic elegy enacted on a national scale, an interactive website, an anthology docuseries, accessible actions for the public to take to join the movement against immigrant detention, and cultural partnerships producing arts-related education and engagement.

Over Independence Day weekend 2020, In Plain Sight launched skytyping fleets to spell out artist-generated messages in water vapor, legible for miles. These messages were typed in the sky over detention facilities, immigration courts, borders, and other sites of historic relevance. They made visible in the sky what is too often unseen and unspoken on the ground: the appalling, profoundly immoral, imprisonment of immigrants. 

In Plain Sight aims to amplify the voices organizing on the inside and outside of detention centers, bringing together artist interventions and direct support for those urgently working towards immigrant justice.

ABOLISH ICE & CBP  •  Photograph by Emily Jaschke for In Plain Sight


by DJ Sizzle Fantastic
Located in Texas - Houston Contract Detention Facility on July 3rd

Photograph by Emily Jaschke for In Plain Sight  • 



by Karen Y. Martinez
Located in Texas - Houston Field Office on July 3rd

2020  •  Photograph by Brenda Edith Franco for In Plain Sight

RESISTIR ES VIVIR  •  Photograph by Charles Hickey for In Plain Sight


by (F)empower MIA
Located in Georgia - Folkston ICE Processing Centre on July 6th

Photograph by Charles Hickey for In Plain Sight  •  2020

T.Q.M. MI CIELO #XMAP  •  2020


by Gala Porras-Kim
Located in Texas at the Rio Grande Detention Center, San Antonio Field Office on July 3rd

2020  •  Courtesy of Sandra Chapa (PBS) In Plain Sight