Psycho Salon is an exhibition of late artist, filmmaker, and writer, John Boskovich’s work at O-Town House in Los Angeles. The show is an interpretation of a room from the Boskostudio, his studio and residence in Los Angeles, a place where—in his own words—“drama flourished abundantly." The Psycho Salon (in both the Boskostudio and in the exhibition at O-Town House) includes a variety of work made between 1987 and 1999. Many of Boskovich’s works are, in some way (or in all the ways), self-portraits in that they reflect upon various aspects and visions of the self. Language, image, pop-culture, death, love, religion, and the AIDS crisis were all rhetorical devises in his work and matters of surveillance and social paranoia were recurring themes. Boskovich grew up in the San Fernando Valley, studied at USC and earned a MFA at CalArts in 1985.