Andrew Scull

Andy Scull received his B.A. from Oxford University, and his Ph.D. from Princeton. He taught at the University of Pennsylvania and at Princeton prior to becoming a professor at UCSD. His most recent books are: Undertaker of the Mind; Customers and Patrons of the Mad Trade: The Management of Lunacy in Eighteenth Century London; Madhouse: A Tragic Tale of Megalomania and Modern Medicine; The Insanity of Place/The Place of Insanity; Hysteria: The Disturbing History; Madness: A Very Short Introduction. His articles have appeared in leading journals in a variety of disciplines, including British Journal of Psychiatry, Psychological Review; European Journal of Sociology; Medical History. He has held fellowships from (among others) the Guggenheim Foundation, the American Council of Learned Societies, and the Davis Center for Historical Studies, and in 1992-93 was the president of the Society for the Social History of Medicine.