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The Los Angeles Review of Books is a nonprofit, multimedia literary and cultural arts magazine that combines the great American tradition of the serious book review with the evolving technologies of the Web. We are a community of writers, critics, journalists, artists, filmmakers, and scholars dedicated to promoting and disseminating the best that is thought and written, with an enduring commitment to the intellectual rigor, the incisiveness, and the power of the written word.

LARB was created in part as a direct response to the disappearance of the traditional newspaper book review supplement, and with it the great tradition of the comprehensive American book review, dedicated to full-range, long-form coverage of everything from architecture to young adult fiction, academic monographs to genre fiction, from the latest publications to classic texts. In our new, swiftly transforming world of books and publishing, the Los Angeles Review of Books stands for curated, edited, expert, smart and fun opinion written by the best writers and thinkers of our time. We seek to revive, and reinvent, the book review for a new generation.

LARB was created as both a literary and cultural arts magazine, publishing not only traditional long-form essays on books and literature, but also reviews of art, music, theater, and film; exclusive journalism and commentary on key issues of the day; on-location reporting from political hotspots around the nation and worldwide; editorials and commentary on politics, culture and society; audio and video interviews of artists, writers, philosophers and politicians, and much more.

LARB has a prestigious roster of over 250 award-winning writers and contributing editors, as well as over 100 contributing artists. LARB's collective of contributing editors have won Pulitzer Prizes, National and American Book Awards, PEN Awards, and every other kind of distinction. A sample of the Review's contributing editor staff includes T.C. Boyle, Jeffrey Eugenides, Michael Pollan, Barbara Ehrenreich, Kevin Starr, Greil Marcus, James Franco, Manuel Castells, Antonio Damasio, Mike Davis, John Rechy, Reza Aslan, Chris Abani, Joe Sacco, Jonathan Gold, Carolyn See, Janet Fitch, Yiyun Li, Jane Smiley, Christopher Rice, Eric Lax, Richard Prince, and Jonathan Lethem.

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The Los Angeles Review of Books is a non-profit, reader-supported online magazine that depends on public support and financing to exist. As a publicly-financed and community-supported initiative, the Review depends on the generosity of its funders and readers to pay its staff and contributors, and to finance its ongoing work with schools, emerging writers, libraries, and more.


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Tom Lutz, Editor-in-Chief / Publisher  tom@lareviewofbooks.org
Jonathan Hahn, Executive Editor  jonathan@lareviewofbooks.org
Gabrielle Calvocoressi, Senior Poetry Editor  gabrielle@lareviewofbooks.org
Mike Goetzman, Deputy Editor  mike@lareviewofbooks.org
C.P. Heiser, Editor, Special Projects  cpheiser@lareviewofbooks.org
Evan Kindley, Editor at Large  evan@lareviewofbooks.org
Sarah Mesle, Senior Humanities Editor  sarah@lareviewofbooks.org
Laurie Winer, Senior Fiction Managing Editor  laurie@lareviewofbooks.org
Kate Wolf, Senior Arts Editor  kate@lareviewofbooks.org


Board of Directors

Albert Litewka, Chairman
Bill Benenson
Leo Braudy
Bert Deixler
Seth Greenland
Eric Lax
Tom Lutz, Ex-Officio
Susan Morse
Jon Wiener
Jamie Wolf
Rosanne Ziering

Section Editors

Kate Wolf, Art art@lareviewofbooks.org
Jonathan Hahn, Co-editor, Around the World jonathan@lareviewofbooks.org
Magdalena Edwards, Co-editor, Around the World magdalena@lareviewofbooks.org
Evan Moffitt, Assistant, Around the World atw@lareviewofbooks.org
Megan Shank, Asia megan@lareviewofbooks.org
Jeffrey Wasserstrom, Asia wasserstromjeff@gmail.com
Anne Elizabeth Moore, Comics aemoore@lareviewofbooks.org
Dinah Lenney, Creative Nonfiction dinahlenney@gmail.com
Timothy Spangler, Economics and Finance timothy@lareviewofbooks.org
Darcy Cosper, Fiction darcy@lareviewofbooks.org
Emily Hunt, Deputy Assistant Fiction emily@lareviewofbooks.org
Merve Emre, Film merve@lareviewofbooks.org
Robert Zaretsky, History zaretskyrobert@gmail.com
Lee Konstantinou, Humanities lee@lareviewofbooks.org
Ginger Buswell, Humor ginger@lareviewofbooks.org
Don Franzen, Law dfranzen@lareviewofbooks.org
Joshua Rivkin, Poetry joshua@lareviewofbooks.org
Elizabeth Metzger, Assistant Poetry  
Jonathan Hahn, Politics jonathan@lareviewofbooks.org
Arne de Boever, Philosophy/Critical Theory adeboever@lareviewofbooks.org
Costica Bradatan, Religion/Comparative Studies costica@lareviewofbooks.org
Michele Pridmore-Brown, Science mpb@lareviewofbooks.org
Alan Lovegreen, Managing Editor, Speculative Fiction  
Jerry Winter, Associate Editor, Speculative Fiction  
Rob Latham, Speculative Fiction rob@lareviewofbooks.org
John McKetta, Theater / Poetry john@lareviewofbooks.org
Mike Goetzman, Television / Music mike@lareviewofbooks.org
Cecil Castellucci, Young Adult Fiction cecil@lareviewofbooks.org

Special Correspondents

Alec Ash, The China Blog
Maura Elizabeth Cunningham, The China Blog
Ben Ehrenreich, Middle East
Kaya Genç, Istanbul
Jane Hu, Dear TV
Tong Lam, The China Blog
Lili Loofbourow, Dear TV
Phillip Maciak, Dear TV
Anne Helen Petersen, Dear TV
Richard Rayner, At Large
Sherryl Vint, SF Film & TV
Jeffrey Wasserstrom, The China Blog

Art and Design

Megan Cotts, Art Director, megancotts@lareviewofbooks.org
Elizabeth Knafo, Print Layout and Design


Jerry Gorin, Director (jerry@lareviewofbooks.org)
James Simenc, Senior Producer (james@lareviewofbooks.org)
Michael Goetzman, Associate Producer (mike@lareviewofbooks.org)

Business and Production

Jessica Kubinec, Editorial and Business Administrator (jessica@lareviewofbooks.org)
Ginger Buswell, Production, Membership Coordinator (ginger@lareviewofbooks.org)
Michael Goetzman, Director of Production
Jonathan Hahn, Executive Editor
Chris Heiser, Communications & Membership Development


Walter Heymann, Copy Desk Chief
Caroline Bowman
Brigette Brown
Rae Brookshire
Soraya King
Christopher Mauldin
Antal Neville

Contributing Editors

Chris Abani
Robert Abele
Diana Abu-Jaber
Rabih Alameddine
Daniel Alarcón
Charles Altieri
Ralph Angel
Nick Antosca
Gustavo Arellano
Reza Aslan
Tobin Auber
Roxana Badin
Neela Banerjee
Ann Louise Bardach
Calvin Bedient
Aimee Bender
Bruce Bauman
Laurie Benenson
Tom Bissell
Johanna Blakley
Joseph Boone
Jon Boorstin
Max Boykoff
T.C. Boyle
David Bradley
Leo Braudy
Mark Breitenberg
Lawrence Bridges
Douglas Brinkley
Sarah Shun-lien Bynum
Elena Karina Byrne
Ron Carlson
Manuel Castells
Marilyn Chin
K.C. Cole
Wanda Coleman
Bernard Cooper
Marc Cooper
Darcy Cosper
Peter Coyote
Robert Crais
Alba Cruz-Hacker
Stephen Cullenberg
Paul Cullum
John D’Agata
António Damá!sio
Meghan Daum
Barbara Davilman
Mike Davis
Nathan Deuel
William Deverell
Samantha Dunn
Hope Edelman
Magdalena Edwards
Barbara Ehrenreich
Ben Ehrenreich
Maria Amparo Escandon
Alex Espinoza
Jeffrey Eugenides
Percival Everett
F.X. Feeney
Janet Fitch
Adam Fitzgerald
Sesshu Foster
James Franco
Judith Freeman
Celeste Fremon

Peter Gadol
Lynell George
Todd Gitlin
Barry Glassner
Jonathan Gold
Tod Goldberg
Rigoberto González
Dana Goodyear
Gigi Levangie Grazer
Emily Green
Jonathan Green
Seth Greenland
James Greer
Stephanie Elizondo Griest
Nicola Griffith
Jenny Williams Gruska
Lee Gutkind
George Haggerty
Denise Hamilton
William Handley
Joy Harjo
Tammy Ho
Gar Anthony Haywood
Eloise Klein Healy
Robin Hemley
Juan Felipe Herrera
Thomas S. Hines
Claire Hoffman
Joy Horowitz
Michelle Huneven
Barbara Isenberg
Tara Ison
Pico Iyer
Michael Jaime-Becerra
Gabriela Jauregui
Dana Johnson
Ilya Kaminsky
Marty Kaplan
Barry Katz
Carolyn Kellogg
David Kipen
Walter Kirn
Jonathan Kirsch
Carl Klaus
Norman Klein
MaryAnne Kolton
Chris Kraus
Josh Kun
Laila Lalami
Mariam Lam
Richard Lange
Jaron Lanier
Michelle Latiolais
Eric Lax
Nam Le
Joseph Lease
Dinah Lenney
Jonathan Lethem
Yiyun Li
Perry Link
James Linville
Sara Lippincott
Matthew Lippman
Albert Litewka
Aimee Liu

Goldberry Long
Victoria Looseleaf
M.G. Lord
Sonja Lyubormirsky
Lewis MacAdams
Kerry Madden
Paul Mandelbaum
Sarah Manguso
Greil Marcus
Ruben Martinez
David Mattin
Mark McGurl
Kembrew McLeod
James McManus
Christopher Merrill
Jack Miles
Anthony Miller
Stephen Molton
Brighde Mullins
Yxta Maya Murray
Vance Muse
Carol Muske-Dukes
Gina Nahai
Maggie Nelson
Geoff Nicholson
Joy Nicholson
Sianne Ngai
Anne Nivat
Marisela Norte
Vorris Nunley
Achy Obejas
Laurie Ochoa
Chris Offutt
Daniel Olivas
Susan Ossman
Mary Otis
Geneva Overholser
Tim Page
Van Dyke Parks
Jim Pascoe
Marjorie Perloff
John Perry
Lisa Jane Persky
Todd Robert Peterson
Gary Phillips
Vanessa Place
Michael Pollan
Ann Powers
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Kit Rachlis
John Rechy
Richard Reeves
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Susan Salter Reynolds
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Kim Stanley Robinson
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Sholeh Wolpe
Terry Wolverton
Paula L. Woods
Elias Wondimu
Al Young
Matthew Zapruder
Marlene Zuk


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  • Laurie & Bill Benenson

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Tom Lutz
Photo by Lisa Jane Persky

Tom Lutz

Editor-in-Chief / Publisher

Tom Lutz is the founder and editor of Los Angeles Review of Books. His books -- Doing Nothing (American Book Award), Crying (New York Times Notable Book), Cosmopolitan Vistas (Choice Outstanding Academic Title), and American Nervousness, 1903 (New York Times Notable Book) -- have been translated into 12 languages and have appeared on NYT and LAT bestseller lists. His fiction and nonfiction have appeared in New York Times, Los Angeles Times, New Republic, Chicago Tribune, Die Zeit, ZYZZYVA, Exquisite Corpse, Salon.com, Black Clock, and other newspapers and literary venues, as well as in dozens of books and academic journals. He has taught at Stanford University, University of Iowa, CalArts, University of Copenhagen, and now at UC Riverside.

Press Center

With over 250 award-winning writers, artists, filmmakers and contributing editors from Southern California and nationwide, the Los Angeles Review of Books is in the vanguard of new media organizations delivering the best that is being and has been thought and written. LARB is well-known for publishing writers and essays that create and impact public debate on everything from politics and government to the arts, entertainment, lifestyle, sports, religion, culture and foreign affairs. Year-round, we work with reporters and producers who cover these and many other beat topics, assisting them with research for their stories, and making our experienced media spokespeople available for interviews and commentary, whether on television, radio, in print or online.

We invite you to explore our Press Center for information on how to contact us to set up an interview with any of our writers.


    April 2014
  • April 18, 2014 – "L.A.'s Newest Literary and Cultural Arts Media Channel"
  • April 18, 2014 – "Los Angeles Review of Books and the Proposed Academic Boycott of Israel"

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To contact the Los Angeles Review of Books for press inquiries, including assistance with your story, contact information for a LARB writer or editor, or to request an interview with a LARB media spokesperson, please contact our Press Office by sending an e-mail to pressoffice@lareviewofbooks.org. If you are on deadline, please indicate that in your correspondence. A LARB press officer will respond to you without delay.

Reprint Rights and Reproductions

If you are an editor seeking reprint rights to any of our published articles, please send an e-mail to info@lareviewofbooks.org. All articles published in the Los Angeles Review of Books are available for republication.

To Pitch Our Editorial Board

Our Editorial Board welcomes story pitches from professional and freelance writers, journalists, columnists and authors on all topics, whether it is a book review, hard news journalism, feature articles or op-eds. Please keep your story pitch to 500 words or less. To pitch our Editorial Board, send an email to editorial@lareviewofbooks.org. Your pitch will be forwarded to the appropriate editor. Due to the volume of pitches we receive daily, we can only respond to those we accept.

LARB‘s Pay Policy

The Los Angeles Review of Books is dedicated to reversing the trend in which writers write on the internet for free. We offer a standard honorarium based on the current health of our Writer’s Fund, for which we are raising money on an ongoing basis. We are a small nonprofit in the first years of our life, and the labor that goes into publishing on our various platforms — not just writing, but editorial, managerial, technical, educational, and otherwise — is still largely volunteer. Our ability to pay is contingent on available funds, which changes depending on the generosity of the organizations, businesses, individual donors and grant-writing institutions that help make LARB possible. We try to concentrate those funds on freelance writers and journalists for whom the money matters most, and encourage those writers in a position to do so, to waive the standard honorarium and donate it back to LARB to help us build the institution. Our #1 priority is to sustain for our writers and readers alike a home for the best that is thought and written on culture and the literary arts. We are building that capacity every day, and are determined to continue to be part of the solution. We appreciate the generosity of everyone who has helped bring us this far.

Advertise with the Los Angeles Review of Books

If you are an advertiser and are interested in placing an ad on the Los Angeles Review of Books main site, in our weekly newsletter, the monthly LARB podcast series and other venues, please contact our advertising sales team at adsales@lareviewofbooks.org for our rate card, specs and more.

Copyright and Permissions

Every effort has been made to contact copyright holders of pictures used on this website. If you are the copyright holder of any uncredited image herein, please contact us at info@lareviewofbooks.org so that we may either credit you properly or remove it. Authors who prefer a different image can send it to that address as well.